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  • LUI Grey Cardboard Cat Scratcher MyKotty
  • LUI Grey Cardboard Cat Scratcher MyKotty


LUI Cardboard Cat Scratcher Lounge - Grey




The LUI cardboard cat scratcher and lounger by myKotty is a stylish, multifunctional piece of cat furniture that playful pussies will love getting their claws into.

Why we love it:  

  • Cats love cardboard and the LUI scratcher is purrfect for scratching, lounging, playing and sleeping
  • Allows cats to strengthen and sharpen their claws while saving your furniture 
  • Sleek and stylish design looks great in the home 
  • Handmade from natural corrugated cardboard for lasting durability - even with the feistiest felines  
  • Also available in natural, black and white

Size: (length x height x width cm): 75 x 26 x 23 Weight 1.75kg

Delivery: This item is shipped from Poland. Please allow 4-5 days for delivery. Full terms here

What customers say:

"They love it but I might need to order another one the same as they now fight over who sits on top of it - honestly they totally love it and sit on it all day!"

Mark, Brighton, UK 

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