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Wool & Dogs - Terms & Conditions


The Seller sends the orders to their customers through nationally and internationally renowned courier companies. The delivery date and time to the customer’s chosen address depends on the availability of the product chosen and the delivery area of the client. Transport times may be altered due to extraordinary incidents in transport and difficulties in delivering the goods.


The Seller guarantees its customers the right to cancel their order at any time and at no extra cost if the cancellation is carried out before the order has been made available to the transport company for delivery.

The client will have a period of 14 days from the receipt of the order to terminate the agreement and return the product purchased. The client must inform the Seller of his or her desire to exercise the right to terminate the contract within the time stipulated and by any means admitted by law. The order must be returned with the delivery note and invoice, where appropriate.

To organise a return or exchange, please email store@styletails.com


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