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Tails Division Product Care

We all know that our little friends can make their cushions dirty. That’s why our pet beds are 100% washable. First determine if you only need to clean the cover or the complete cushion.


  • Unzip and remove the filling-bag, zip the cover securely and toss it in the washing machine.
  • Wash and dry inside out to retain colour. Machine wash cold to 30 degrees with like colours. 
  • We recommend you do not tumble dry (because of the leather handle).
  • Warm iron if necessary – don’t iron the leahter handle.


  • Unzip and remove the cover. put the filling-bag in the machine. We recommend 30 degrees, gentle spin and wash without sharp edged items to avoid tearing. Do not force filling bed in the machine!
  • For large cushions we recommend taking them to a laundromat or dry-cleaner to ensure that the filler keeps it shape.


We have chosen high-quality grained buffalo leather, which giving it a robust look. Besides that it’s vegetable tanned leather, and the grain is treated with oil/wax to give the leather a characterful look.

Maintenance is important to ensure longevity of the collar. Use a protective treatment product (oil or cream - applied when the collar is dry. Treat preferably once a month).

If leather gets dirty: Just use a damp cloth. Don’t use any soaps or foreign substances.



We find the best way to clean the leash is to soak IT in warm water with a mild soap for about 15 minutes, and if necessary - clean remaining spots using a toothbrush with vinegar.

You can also machine wash the lead. You may want to place it in a thick sock to help protect brass buckle and the machine. Do no not wash with other clothes and use a gentle spin. 

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