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Charley Chau Dog Bed Size Guide

Every dog is different, and even dogs of the same breed can vary quite significantly in size, so it can be tricky choosing the right size and shape of bed for your dog but hopefully our size guide to dog beds will make it all a bit easier!

We recommend that you allow enough room for your dog to stretch out fully in bed, even if they often sleep curled up, so that they have the choice. The best way to work out what size dog bed your dog will need is to measure your dog. 

Measuring your dog

You will need a tape measure to get an accurate measurement. Failing that, a piece of string and ruler to measure the piece of string. And best to try this when your dog is relaxed as opposed to excited and jumping around everywhere!

Stand your dog in a relaxed position with all four feet on the ground, head up but not over stretched. Now measure the height and length of your dog as shown in the diagram.

  • Length: measure (cm) from the tip of his/her nose to the start of his/her tail (where the tail joins the body);
  • Height: measure (cm) from the top of the skull straight down to the floor.

Once you have these two measurements for length and height multiply each one by 1.25 to calculate a minimum recommended Bed Length and Bed Depth required.

The Bed Length and Bed Depth measurements give you a minimum length and minimum depth of bed that the dog is likely to need with enough room for him/her to stretch out fully and move around. This means your dog can sleep or hang-out without being jammed against the sides of the bed. Simple!

We provide all of the measurements for our beds on the individual product pages in centimeters so once you have the Bed Length and Bed Depth measurements for your dog you should be able to select the right size dog bed or dog basket for your dog! Please do bear in mind though that as all dogs are different, this is just for guidance!

Round or rectangular?

The shape of bed is also a consideration when choosing a new bed for your dog. If your dog loves to curl up as small as they can possibly be in a tight little ball then an oval or round shaped dog bed is likely to be ideal.

If your dog tends to stretch out fully, doing a doggie version of starfish, then a rectangular shaped dog bed is likely to be a better option. We have a fabulous range of rectangular beds with a variety of style, fabric and bed frame options.

And finally ... Charley Chau Snuggle Beds

Charley Chau Snuggle Beds require a little extra length and depth for a dog because they need to be able to get under the cover. Snuggle Beds are designed particularly for any dog that likes to get under blankets and stay covered including Terriers, small Sighthounds such as Italian Greyhounds and Whippets, and Hound breeds that have a burrowing instinct, e.g. Dachshunds. See the Snuggle Bed page for example breeds for the different size Snuggle Beds.


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